Artlybits By Tara

Thanks for visiting my website.  I am Tara, Lansing (MI) based artist. 


Here you will find majority of my artwork in black and white theme.  As Karl Lagerfeld once said, "Black and White always looks modern, whatever that word means."  I personally feel that black and white artwork encourage variety of interpretations through thinking and engaging while enjoying art. 


Artlybits, as the name suggests is made of bits and pieces of artwork.  My work is a combination of abstract pen art, zentangle art, illustrations with doodle art.  If you are new to zentangle art, it is a method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.  It is a modern art form that is fun and relaxing that provides artistic satisfaction with increased sense of personal well being. 


I use pens, markers with occasional use of acrylics, water colors on mixed media, marker or watercolor paper.  There are no constraints in the creative process as I enjoy progressing from simple elements to intricate outcomes.